Alright my loves, how's it going?



Introducing West Country Stand Up Comedian Cerys Nelmes, born and bred in the Cotswolds! 
*STOP PRESS!!! Cerys is showcasing her new show '80s Game Show Mash-Up' at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. Cerys can also be seen popping up on Casualty as a regular paramedic and on the Renault Ad with Thierry Henry!*

Cerys has had a very colourful and eventful life which she loves talking about to make people laugh. She performs her comedy in a story telling style with a West Country charm that is easy to warm to.

Cerys has worked very hard to forge a strong career in the comedy industry. She is a leading mc on the comedy circuit, working for major UK clubs and UK charity events. Cerys has a fantastic stage presence and her audience interaction is flawless. 

Cerys is making waves in the tv industry as one of the best female TV warm up artists, most recently working for Gordon Ramsey/Studio Ramsey, and alongside George Lamb on Football Tonight for BT Sport and also working for ITV and Channel 4.

Cerys is a Guest Comic aboard Cruise Ships all over the World. Cerys has also appeared in Pantomime!




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